06 Apr 2020

Emerging Markets Spotlight

We previously wrote that "banks generally carry a triple threat in this environment". We now update that to four threats.

06 Apr 2020

A View from Asia

Its not all doom and gloom: the latest thinking from Samir Mehta, manager of the JOHCM Asia ex Japan Fund. 

02 Apr 2020

Time to adapt

The very latest thinking and portfolio changes from the JOHCM UK Opportunities team. 

01 Apr 2020

UK Equity Income Bulletin

An update from James and Clive in a dramatic month which saw one of the fastest stock market falls in history.

26 Mar 2020

Matters of state: our very latest views on EM

James Syme provides the team’s signature top-down analysis of emerging markets and the risks and opportunities, country-by-country.  

26 Mar 2020

Not on the ground in Japan

Observations from the study, rather than on the ground in Japan, from the JOHCM Japan team.  

26 Mar 2020

Global Value and Income Dispatch

Stranger things - what's happening in the investment grade corporate debt market?

23 Mar 2020

The world has changed

Paul Wild, manager of the JOHCM Continental European Fund, gives his take on the Coronavirus-driven sell-off. 

21 Mar 2020

Nobody knows

Samir Mehta, manager of the JOHCM Asia ex Japan Fund, provides his latest thinking on the coronavirus-driven market turbulence.

19 Mar 2020

JOHCM UK Equity Income: Mind the Gap 3

Coronavirus, oil, Fund dividend and value vs. growth redux - an update from James Lowen and Clive Beagles.

19 Mar 2020

Think like a scientist - but which one and when?

Updated probability-based scenario analysis from the JOHCM Global Select team

17 Mar 2020

Coronavirus - message from our CEO and Q&A

Our response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated market sell-off.

15 Mar 2020

Global Income and Value Dispatch

Why worried investors shouldn’t be like Alice in Wonderland

13 Mar 2020

Be calm, considered and patient

A letter from the JOHCM UK Opportunities team in light of the coronavirus-driven sell-off.  

12 Mar 2020

JOHCM UK Dynamic Fund: thoughts on the coronavirus

Despite the current gloom, we are encouraged by the number of our holdings that have issued positive strategic or financial updates in recent weeks.

11 Mar 2020

Emerging Markets Spotlight

What does Covid-19 mean for emerging markets?     

11 Mar 2020

Under the Bonnet

The JOHCM UK Dynamic team provide their usual monthly portfolio update in a month where markets fell sharply on coronavirus fears.   

05 Mar 2020

Global Value and Income Dispatch

Falling knives, iron gloves and The Shawshank Redemption: thoughts on the coronavirus from the JOHCM Multi-Asset Value team. 

05 Mar 2020

A View from Asia

A spurt of Covid-19 cases has materially changed the economic outlook across the world. Samir Mehta gives his take. 

02 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: indiscriminate selling makes for opportunity

Thoughts on the coronavirus and the subsequent market correction from the JOHCM Global Select Fund team. 

02 Mar 2020

UK Equity Income Bulletin

In a month where markets sold off sharply, Clive and James provide their usual portfolio review and their thoughts on the coronavirus.

19 Feb 2020

On the Ground in Japan

Corporate Japan is changing. The JOHCM Japan Fund team on how Japan is going for gold and good governance. 

17 Feb 2020

A View from Asia

Observations on the coronavirus from Samir Mehta, manager of the JOHCM Asia ex Japan Fund.  

13 Feb 2020

Global Value and Income Dispatch

The JOHCM Global Income Builder team review the final quarter of 2019 and provide their thoughts for the year ahead.

12 Feb 2020

Emerging Markets Spotlight

Shorter-term economic data sources and their usuefulness in navigating the impacts of the coronavirus spread in China.  

11 Feb 2020

Under the Bonnet

The outbreak of the coronavirus reversed initial market gains in January. Alex and Tom take a look at the impacts for the portfolio. 

03 Feb 2020

UK Equity Income Bulletin

The coronavirus outbreak and downbeat commentary from Bank of England officials made for a challenging month for UK equity markets. 

21 Jan 2020

Emerging markets and the dollar: why not to be bearish on EM for too long

Many investors have assumed that dollar strength is the new normal, but pressure on the dollar is building. And when the dollar does roll over, the history of EM equities suggests the asset class could deliver very strong returns.

16 Jan 2020

Emerging Markets Spotlight

"China is a source of opportunities rather than an opportunity in and of itself." - James Syme provides his latest monthly update. 

15 Jan 2020

Under the Bonnet

Alex Savvides and Tom Matthews round off a year of outperformance with their usual portfolio update.

07 Jan 2020

A View from Asia

Three phrases to sum up the investment landscape: Samir Mehta, JOHCM Asia ex Japan Fund, reviews the last decade.

06 Jan 2020

UK Equity Income Bulletin

James Lowen and Clive Beagles round off the year with their usual monthly bulletin. 

23 Dec 2019

Emerging Markets Spotlight

James Syme takes a look at portfolio positioning and explains the reported skew in market cap and beta. 

19 Dec 2019

Outlook 2020

Free from a house view on economies, markets or stocks, a selection of JOHCM’s fund managers provide their outlooks for 2020.

17 Dec 2019

Mind the value traps: beware the illusion of value

Investors picking between value and growth styles are choosing different ways to lose money. 

11 Dec 2019

Global Value & Income Dispatch

Don't pay too much attention to the default rate. It's rating migration that matters. 

10 Dec 2019

A View from Asia

Taiwan Semiconductor -  why we've increased our portfolio weighting

06 Dec 2019

Under the Bonnet

Alex Savvides and Tom Matthews provide a strategy update for November. 

02 Dec 2019

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Outperformance in November was driven by positive developments among several of our small caps. James and Clive provide an update.

14 Nov 2019

Global Value and Income Dispatch

Bifurcation and what the averages dont tell you... 

11 Nov 2019

Emerging Markets Spotlight

Improving US dollar liquidity and a weaker dollar have the potential to drive very strong economic uplift and equity market returns in EMs. 

07 Nov 2019

Under the Bonnet

The JOHCM UK Dynamic team provide their usual monthly update in what was an extremely busy month for portfolio news flow.

06 Nov 2019

A View from Asia

Are we becoming permanently addicted to central banks' liquidity injections?

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