01 Aug 2021

Beyond diversity: Equity & inclusion

Businesses often promote workplace diversity to investors as a key performance driver. But a new report from responsible investing leader Regnan finds diversity strategies mean little without a focus on equity and inclusion.

28 Jul 2021

Latest reflections

Latest reflections from the JOHCM Global Opportunities team.

27 Jul 2021

Emerging Markets Spotlight

Five indicators to monitor risk and opportunity from the JOHCM Global Emerging Markets Opportunities team. 

19 Jul 2021

Under the Bonnet

An update from the JOHCM UK Dynamic team in a quarter that saw frenzied bid activity for a number of portfolio holdings. 

12 Jul 2021

Core thoughts

The JOHCM UK Opportunities team discuss four new investments and how each can grow their respective cash flows in four very different markets.

07 Jul 2021

A View from Asia - China Special

Samir Mehta takes a look at the three cross-currents affecting Chinese technology stocks. 

01 Jul 2021

UK Equity Income Bulletin

June was an odd month with bond yields under pressure before and after the FOMC meeting despite positive economic data and company commentary. 

24 Jun 2021

Income investing and inflation risk

Ten inflation protection strategies for income investors from the JOHCM Global Income Builder team

22 Jun 2021

A View from Asia

Quarantine musings from Samir Mehta, manager of the JOHCM Asia ex Japan Fund. 

20 Jun 2021

Takeover talk and growth platforms

Mark Costar and Vishal Bhatia discuss why the Fund is seeing plenty of M&A activity and describe why they are backing companies that back themselves.

16 Jun 2021

Emerging Markets Spotlight

Portfolio positioning around the commodity rally: the JOHCM Global Emerging Markets Opportunities team provide an update

14 Jun 2021

Under the Bonnet

Increasing signs the market is beginning to recognise the undervaluation of some of the Fund’s holdings was aided by another period of strong earnings updates in May.

09 Jun 2021

A View from Asia

Samir Mehta reviews his position on banks as rising expectations of inflation, long bond yields and commodity prices dominate market headlines.

31 May 2021

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Continued strong economic prints, rising commodity prices, increased inflationary expectations and steepening yield curves were all features in May.

18 May 2021

Don't let your income go up in smoke

Many income funds continue to lean on stocks with poor ESG properties and risks - it doesn't have to be this way...

16 May 2021

Emerging Markets Spotlight

The pick-up in capital flows, higher commodity prices and vaccination roll-outs are powerful drivers for commodity-exporting emerging markets.

13 May 2021

Under the Bonnet

A monthly roundup from the JOHCM UK Dynamic team in a month where markets were buoyed by extraordinarily strong economic data. 

11 May 2021

A View from Asia

In light of the recent universal bullishness, is it time for some caution? 

03 May 2021

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Clive and James discuss the macro and the micro, from global economics to new portfolio additions and whether the ‘vaccine value rally’ can continue.

27 Apr 2021

Emerging Markets Spotlight

With Covid-19 case numbers rising rapidly, James Syme reviews the portfolio's Indian exposure. 

13 Apr 2021

Core thoughts

In their latest update, Rachel Reutter and Michael Ulrich focus on four topics that have been dominating their thoughts and actions over the last quarter.

13 Apr 2021

Under the Bonnet

Alex and Tom provide an update on a strong quarter for the portfolio as operating performance and share price momentum continued to build.  

12 Apr 2021

A View from Asia

The current debate on incipient inflation is the elephant in the room. Samir Mehta provides his thoughts. 

06 Apr 2021

Global Value and Income Dispatch

10 things we are thinking about for the rate regime that may lie ahead.

30 Mar 2021

UK Equity Income Bulletin

James and Clive on why the shift in stock market leadership towards 'value' has much further to run.

30 Mar 2021

Europe one year on...

A look at the investment landscape in Europe and the key areas where we are finding opportunities. 

23 Mar 2021

Emerging Markets Spotlight

A top-down look at Brazil from the JOHCM Global Emerging Markets Opportunities team.

15 Mar 2021

Under the Bonnet

Investor confidence grew in February as Covid-19 vaccination roll-outs accelerated. Alex and Tom provide a portfolio update. 

11 Mar 2021

A View from Asia

Markets have changed dramatically; we have democratised access to trading across age groups and income levels. Samir looks at the ramifications 

01 Mar 2021

UK Equity Income Bulletin

James and Clive's latest portfolio review covering February, a month which saw a sharp rise in government bond yields.

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