16 Dec 2022

The View From Asia - China: Peeling Back the Onion

In China, we’re investing in companies that have low valuations and rising cashflows. They aren’t the usual suspects 

12 Dec 2022

European Outlook 2023

With a tolerable monetary headwind, pockets of earnings tailwinds and modest valuations it may just be that Europe continues to shine versus its peers.

12 Dec 2022

Emerging Markets Spotlight

No one doubts the exceptional success of the South Korean economy, home to world-leading companies. But for now, it’s still an emerging market

09 Dec 2022

The Way Past Peak Inflation

Signs of an easing in inflation, and a peak in interest rates, should support a recovery in equities, with UK value sectors looking attractive

01 Dec 2022

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Hopes of a peak in interest rates are supporting strong returns in UK equities

11 Nov 2022

Why We Like Brazil

Inflation under control, positive economic growth, valuations at half their long-term

03 Nov 2022

China’s Political Disorder

Given four good reasons to be cautious on China, and only one positive, the walk back to a turn in the equity market may be long one

02 Nov 2022

The View From Asia

Until recently, the consensus was that China would decouple economically from the developed world. Now we know the separation is not economic but ideological

01 Nov 2022

UK Equity Income Bulletin

As the UK recovers from the controversial Mini Budget, operational performance remains strong, with more forecasts being exceeded than missed 

26 Oct 2022

Equity markets are changing – but into what?

A look at the drivers and opportunities in global equities

16 Oct 2022

The Growth Plan

A growth plan ... but one based on established businesses with balance sheets to withstand a storm

16 Oct 2022

Under the Bonnet

Markets are overwhelmed with macro, especially the return of 'real' interest rates, while ignoring company fundamentals

08 Oct 2022

Expect the Unexpected

In 2022, the impact of the strong dollar has been very different to what history suggests

02 Oct 2022

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Despite pressure on UK confidence, there remain many excellent companies trading at historically high yields.

23 Sep 2022

FLASH UPDATE - What does the Mini-Budget mean for UK equities?

Highlights for consumers, businesses and UK equities

19 Sep 2022

The View from Asia

Higher US interest rates could present significant upside for Asian equities

07 Sep 2022

A 'Responsible Transition' approach to Investing

We know the goal, the challenge is to manage urgent change effectively. How can investors accelerate the transformation?

06 Sep 2022

Emerging Markets Spotlight

Rejection of a left-wing constitution reduces risk for equity investors in Chile, but economic problems remain an obstacle

05 Sep 2022

Did China learn anything from Japan's lost decades?

The economic models of China and Japan are closely related. However, China has the opportunity to learn from its neighbour's mistakes and protect property and banking investors.

31 Aug 2022

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Markets remain focused on energy costs whilst the outlook remains positive

25 Aug 2022

Pendal agree acquisition proposal from Perpetual

An important announcement to clients from J O Hambro's CEO (UK, Europe & Asia) Alexandra Altinger

12 Aug 2022

The View From Asia

Conditions in Asia are considerably different to those in the US

10 Aug 2022

Emerging Markets Spotlight

Energy exporters, or those with relative energy stability, show signs of prospering 

31 Jul 2022

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Central bank commentary suggests we may have passed peak ‘hawkishness’

14 Jul 2022

It's the supply-side, stupid!

From compressing the price side of the P/E equation, investors are increasingly fretting over earnings, marking down any company that hints of cyclicality.

11 Jul 2022

Under the Bonnet

Idiosyncratic stock selection helped Fund performance through a period that saw events more extreme than many investors have ever experienced.

11 Jul 2022

The Cost of Bad Behaviours

During periods of market sell-offs, the natural human reaction is to contract our investment time horizons and focus on short-term negative noise.

08 Jul 2022

Quarterly Update from Christopher Lees

"Beware good houses in bad neighborhoods..."

05 Jul 2022

Emerging Markets Spotlight

The good news from China ... and the bad

04 Jul 2022

The View From Asia

Recession remains a threat, and despite official figures, China is almost certainly in a phase of contraction

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