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Fraud Warning

If you receive any communication from J O Hambro Capital Management Limited or any of its affiliates that you believe is not genuine or is of concern to you, please inform us via info@johcm.co.uk or +44 (0) 20 7747 5678. Fraudsters often try to mimic genuine companies; indeed, in the past fraudsters have claimed to represent our company, a scam known as a clone firm. In order to make themselves seem legitimate, fraudsters will use logos, addresses, telephone numbers and the names of real company employees, as well as create fake websites. They may also use paper or online forms to try to capture your personal details for fraud. Neither J O Hambro Capital Management Limited, nor any of its affiliates will ever cold call you or send you an unsolicited email offering investment opportunities. We urge investors to stay alert to the dangers of investment fraud. Even if documents or websites refer to genuine products and appear legitimate, investors should exercise extreme caution. Keep your information safe from fraudsters. Familiarise yourself with the ways scammers try to access your information. Check if a firm is FCA-authorised on the Financial Services Register. If they’re not registered, it’s probably a scam. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has further advice and details on how to report a fraud or scam on its website: website Protect yourself from scams.


In an attempt to help investors identify fraudulent activity where the fraudsters are using details which could potentially be linked to J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM), or any of the funds managed by JOHCM, we provide a list below of fraudulent activity of which we are aware and would like to warn investors of. Please note, this list may not include all fraudulent activity linked to JOHCM and JOHCM takes no responsibility for any potential losses you may incur as a result of investment fraud. If you are unsure regarding the legitimacy of any communications from JOHCM or relating to JOHCM products, please contact compliance@johcm.co.uk.

Madingwa/HaMcm Fraud - May 2024

We are aware of fraudsters impersonating investment professionals currently and formerly connected to JOHCM in an attempt to defraud members of the public in India. It appears that various forms of media, including an imposter URL http://madingwa.com, an iOS application (HaMcm) and a WhatsApp group chat are being used to offer stock recommendations and an educational investment programme as part of this scam. JOHCM confirms that it is not linked to http://madingwa.com or any of its affiliated platforms.

We are also aware that members of the public may have made payments into accounts such as the "J O Hambro India Small Cap Fund", "J O Hambro Global Management Company" or "J O Hambro Technology Trust". These accounts are falsely using the J O Hambro name. We confirm these accounts are not linked to JOHCM in any way. JOHCM will never contact members of the public to make any payments over the phone, email, or through any website in relation to making an investment or the provision of any service, nor will JOHCM members of staff ever contact individuals through WhatsApp. If you are already a member of the WhatsApp group, we encourage you to report this fraudulent activity to Meta. JOHCM has reported this activity to the relevant authorities. If you have been impacted by this fraud, please report it to your local law enforcement agency.

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