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At JOHCM, our broad purpose is to deliver resilient, sustainable financial returns for clients (in line with the investment objective) through active management that seeks to guide them through a world in constant flux, identifying emerging structural trends (themes, if you like) and managing emerging risks. More simply put, it is to make them money. Many of the structural forces at play will be associated with changing environmental and social norms that will reshape business and economic models, but are not independent of wider investment considerations.

We believe that there should be a plurality of ways of implementing sustainability considerations into investment objectives, and not a single deterministic view of the world. We are in an adaptive system that will evolve over time, and it is our job as active managers to navigate our clients through a world in flux, interpreted through the approach of the fund in which they chose to invest. This allows each investment team to integrate environmental, social and governance information in a manner that reflects their own outlook and philosophy.

Stewardship Report

Geopolitical conflict, high energy prices, increased awareness of greenwashing - 2022 was a year of dramatic change.

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