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02 Feb 2023

Long Haul Investing

Finding structural growth in established businesses

01 Feb 2023

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Inflationary pressures continue to fall, investor sentiment is beginning to change and UK valuations are starting to be appreciated

27 Jan 2023

Looking into 2023

Senior Fund Managers Christopher Lees and Nudgem Richyal share what they are most excited about for 2023

23 Jan 2023

Perpetual completes acquisition of Pendal Group

Today we achieved an important milestone for both Perpetual and Pendal with the successful completion of Perpetual’s acquisition of Pendal Group, bringing together two highly respected active asset management brands.

19 Jan 2023

Under the Bonnet

2022 – the year the world woke up

17 Jan 2023

Global returns at a UK discount

UK companies source their earnings from around the world. Why are they valued at a discount? 

13 Jan 2023

Transformation, the old way

Indonesia is growing its economy, raising its skill levels and increasing value-added exports, using the old-fashioned method: protectionism 

13 Jan 2023

Strong dollar, weak dollar

Emerging markets are dependent on global fund flows, and the currency that flows the most is the dollar

03 Jan 2023

UK Equity Income Bulletin

Yields are likely to ease as central banks moderate tightening, but the UK market remains cheap for now

16 Dec 2022

Up close and friendly

Strained geopolitical relationships and over-extended supply lines are leading to a trend of relocating critical plants on nearer and friendlier shores

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